Volunteer to Help the Homeless at Ladle Fellowship

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Camille Appling
March 22, 2024

Volunteer for Ladle Fellowship at The First Presbyterian, San Diego

Another lovely day of service at the First Presbyterians Ladle Fellowship reiterated the obligation to serve others the Lord’s Way. The homeless population is filled with people in need of mental healthcare, medical care, nourishment and prayer. Many of them are displaced employees and people in need that could thrive with continued care. Some of them are struggling with undiagnosed mental illnesses too. The Ladle Fellowship provided the people with clothing, blankets, personal care products and even food for their animals. The volunteer event had a special appearance by the Legacy Center of Mission Valley’s own Susan Peterson, who came by to help serve and pray for the people with countless children, teenagers and adults.

If you are interested in serving the Lord through serving our people, checkout the website.