Veteran, Learn to Tune Your Body to De-Stress With Harmonetiks

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Kevin A. Thompson
May 3, 2024

Tune your body the way musicians tune their instruments. That’s the message of The Harmonetiks

Harmonetiks is a practice of breathing that tunes your body to reduce stress. You can start this life-enhancing journey here in San Diego. Jay Van Schelt, CEO of the Harmonetiks Project in Connecticut is spending a few months here in San Diego, spreading the word about his passion, which he said helped him lose 80 pounds in a few months.

Jay is working with The Inn Spot, offering the teachings to military veterans. He describes the steps of Harmonetiks in this way:

1.     Easy Breath Protocol

2.     Deepening neuroplasticity—more braincells contact with each other

3.     Repetition of techniques, like musical scales or chords, allows for building up to greater harmonies.

4.     Sharing with others.

“The goal is for veterans to share with other veterans.”

           If this format reminds you of musical training, you are right. The founder of Harmonetiks, Dr. Jeffrey Zimmerman, worked as a classical double bass player in his teens and young adulthood before becoming a doctor of Oriental Medicine.

           Dr. Zimmerman said he was encouraged personally to pursue medicine by the great conductor Leopold Stokowski, who shook the hand of Mickey Mouse in the movie Fantasia in 1940.  Stokowski was an early U.S. advocate for acupuncture.

           The Inn Spot offers accupuncture and other services that will accept benefits from the Veterans Administration.

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