Turquoise Grit

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April Nurse
April 26, 2024

Let’s talk turquoise. Turquoise is iconic grit with its striking sky blue to muted green color and soft waxy texture. It’s created when copper rich water finds phosphate and aluminum deposits deep in the earth. More than that, it’s a beautiful, fragile chunk of uniquely tinted earth. For thousands of years, human beings all over the world have been crafting turquoise into pieces worthy of the heavens.

When most people think of turquoise, they think of the American Southwest, particularly the amazing silver cast pieces created by the Diné. These bold, expertly forged pieces have remained highly sought after for centuries. Even before silver jewelry took hold, turquoise held a place of honor among many on Turtle Island. Complex and beautifully designed shields, masks and weapons still exist to remind us of the relationship between first people and turquoise.

On the other side of the world, the Egyptians, Turkish and Persians were using turquoise too. They created decadent gold pieces fit for kings. Famously, Tutankhamen’s death mask is inlaid with precious turquoise, lapis and carnelian.

It’s a stunning reminder that, even worlds apart, our hearts remain in tune with each other. This bit of grit made us all think of the incalculable expanse of sky and the mysterious unknown beyond it.

As the world of grit becomes more accessible, were-cultivate our relationship with the earth. Our individualistic society is breaking down bit by bit as we choose to live in our authenticity. Unlike the ancient people of the Mediterranean and the people of Turtle Island, we have the ability to instantly connect and interact with each other. Every time we choose to extend love and share our truths, we find commonality. My greatest wish is for us to build community on our similarities while honoring and celebrating our differences. Let’s marvel at our connections now, instead of leaving that to a future long after we’ve passed.

Photo by Adrian Pingstone, Wikimedia Commons