Title VI Youth and Social PowWow 2023

Rose Davis
March 14, 2023

In today’s feverish social/political  atmosphere, there is nothing more spiritually revitalizing than experiencing a community coming together under healthy, happy, and culturally sensitive circumstances.

As always, San Diego maintains a dominate position in the multi-cultural vortex that it occupies by celestial default, allowing the Great Law of Peace to roam free. Thanks to an excellent school administration, an insistent native activist community, and the apparatus of the San Diego Unified School District’s Title VI Indian Education Program, the complexities of satisfying the needs of the community have been a priority.

Powwows have been a cultural thread that binds the Indigenous world and reaches out to the multiple tribes and groups represented in urban San Diego. Under the umbrella of the Great Kumeyaay Nation, a sense of unity prevails.

Current social and cultural issues have silenced the music of the powwow drum and fragrance of sage coming from the Ballard Center in recent years. A certain nostalgia and sense of well-being has been missing. Carla Tourville, a loyal supporter, community worker, and cultural influencer in all things native, sprang into action when the idea of a powwow came up at one of the Indian Education meetings that she regularly attends.

Her natural organizational instincts kicked in, and she connected with her network of powwow experts… and presto! Just like the good old days, the March 18 powwow was underway. Her ultimate contact and collaborator was Chuck Cadott with whom she has shared a personal, community, and cultural connection, which has spanned over 15 years and includes a multitude of cultural events and gatherings. 

Additionally, Chuck reflects and represents the strong spiritual commitment of Standing Rock that he is tied to. Carla says she owes much of her inspiration and knowledge to her mentors which include Connie Graybull, Chamese Dempsey, and many others. She meticulously attended to the craftspeople and vendors with professionalism. 

Chuck Cadott made sure that the powwow ceremony was carefully orchestrated, including Grand Entry Bird Singing, Gourd Dancing, Golden Age, Tiny Tots Coming Out, and Randy Edmonds. The event was well-attended by the community, our educators, and their families.

Thank you, Carla and Chuck and all who are manifesting the will of the ancestors to assure a healthy, balanced tomorrow for all of our relations, fueled by Indigenous Intelligence.