The Woman of Roar Breakfast 2024

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Camille Appling
February 21, 2024

­­California Black Women Leaders Join 500 Community Members at the 6th Annual Black History Month Breakfast

As the sky poured down a torrential, history-making rainstorm that conjured up images of Noah’s fabled flood, San Diego’s change-making warrior women were undeterred as they busied themselves organizing a breakfast. The spiritual significance of the event was difficult to ignore as many recalled the old Negro Spirituals such as “Wade in the Water,” “Deep River,” “Chilly Waters,” “It’s Gonna Rain,” and “Didn’t it Rain, Children.”

In keeping with the spirit of the occasion, Tim Red Bird and the Red Warrior Singers opened the event with traditional Bird Songs, representing the indigenous culture that binds Turtle Island together and the land of the Great Kumeyaay Nation upon which we walk. He stated, “Red Warrior is honored to sing for Women who Roar. We sing for all Women, Red, Yellow, Black and White. No Woman equals No People equals No History equals No Love.”

It was at this backdrop that the Women of Roar held their 2024 Breakfast at the City College Gymnasium after their original location, Jacobs Center, was effected by the flooding. The women’s group effectively changed venues to honor its recipients. Angela de Joseph organized the event at the new location in order to keep the show going. Ms. de Joseph said, “pulling this off was nothing short of a miracle.”

This year, the finest in leadership and development were awarded. Following Native drumming, the breakfast began. It was followed by an introduction by Doctorate Queen Mother Kathleen Harmon. Roar welcomed long-serving Secretary of State Dr. Shirley Webber and Congresswoman Sarah Jacobs. President Pro-Temp Monica Montgomery Steppe and attorney Genevieve Jones were in attendance. Senator Toni Atkins attended as well. We also received inspiration and encouragement from Mayor Todd Gloria, who praised the accomplishments of the attendees and awardees. County Supervisor Nora Vargas also shared a few words, which promoted the duties of honored leadership. Philanthropist and news reporter Sandra Mass attended also.

The breakfast included fried fish and grits, fruit, and chicken and waffles. Café X provided a beautiful coffee, tea, and juice bar.

Angelade Joseph awarded US Representative Barbara Lee of Oakland the Women of Distinction award. Barbara Lee’s story of triumph includes her and her mom surviving racial discrimination during childbirth. The Women Warrior of the Year awards went to Stacey Plaskett, the US Representative of the Virgin Islands, and President and SEIU Local 221 Crystal Irving. The Changemaker award went to the Black Women’s Collective for their dedication to pertinent issues.

The morning showcased the finest in leadership who are tackling real issues, including women’s health and women’s rights, homelessness, employment, housing, business and pertinent cultural issues.

Secretary of State Shirley Weber’s keynote address fortified the attendees with the encouragement to keep fighting as Cultural Spiritual Warriors. More specifically, she encouraged them to Get Out the Vote.  With the spirit of Fannie Lou Hamer, Ida B. Wells, Maya Angelou, John Lewis and Crazy Horse circling the hall, Shirley Weber reminded all who are committed to saving our Democracy throughout the world that we have One More River to Cross.

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