The Empanada Spot

Indian Voices
August 2, 2023

July 20, 2023 welcomed a blessed opportunity to learn more about The Empanada Spot Restaurant located at 1223 3rd Ave C-1, in the heart of Chula Vista, California. Food has always been such an important part of culture and experience. As a result, trying new versions of classic favorites like empanadas is always a warm experience. 

I was delighted to meet the owner, Jose Ramirez, and his family at the restaurant where they shared heartfelt stories of their grandmother going door to door selling their most popular beef, potato and olive empanadas … delicious! 

At the restaurant, Jose’s son Arturo Ramirez shared empanadas de rajas con queso (my favorite) and empanadas de queso birria. They were accompanied by a basil pasta salad and refreshing watermelon and mango frescas. They even served desert empanadas with strawberries and Nutella. Please come visit The Empanada Spot and try some traditional and nuevo empanadas. They can be found on Instagram @theempanadaspot.