Tamiko Avery Searching for Her Truth

Veronica Wood
December 13, 2021

Tamiko Avery, a long time friend of Indian Voices, shares her struggle to untangle her personal history.

Through enormous personal hardship and sacrifice she continues to work with others to overcome the identity crisis suffered as a result of historic colonization.  Originally from San Diego, CA Tamiko now resides in Austin, TX where she continues genealogical research, She is a cultural crafts artist and loyal supporter of “Indian Voices”.

Hi! My name is Tamiko Avery.  My Great Grand mothers name is Murdie Taylor.Her enrollment card is #2117.  My Great  Grand Mother was 2 years old when she got enrolled.

Mt Great Grand Father Robert Taylor was enrolled # 2113.

My Great Grand MotherMimy Taylor was enrolled #2114. They were all enrolled as Chickasaw Freedman.

Both my great great grandparents were slaves. Robert’s owner was Calvin Lau and Mimy James McClish.  The  owners were both Chickasaw by blood. They were Indians that enslaved other Indians as slaves. There were slave owners that were Chickasaw by blood.   My Great Great  grandmother Miny’s slave owner was James McClish.  My  Great Great grandfather’s  slave owner was Calvin Love.  Her slave owners were Indians on the  Chickksaw Nation Roll  by blood. Wow.

The Civil War was in 1861-18654.  My Great Great grand mother  and  Great Great grand father, I’m pretty sure lived in fear of the Whites and the Indians.

My Great Great grand father is from Mississippi.He is Mississippi Choctaw and  my Great Great grandmother is Cherokee/Creek. So both of my Great Great grandparents  are half breeds.  As  we all know the five civilized Freedman are  Cherokee, Chickasaw. Chocktaw, Creek, Seminole Freedmans are all Indians.

All of the five civilized tribes that were enrolled are real Indians that are on the Dawes Rolls.

About 33 years after the Civil War in  1890 my great grandmother was born.  She was enrolled at the age of two.

On the Chickasaw Freedman Dawes Roll her parents were slaves, so I see why their cards said  Chickasaw Freedman

But  my great grandmother was never a slave and she  didn’t have slave owners either.  

My Great grandmother was born an Indian by blood on the Chickasaw Nation Reservation.  Both her parents were on the Chickasaw Nation Reservation. enrolled a Freedmen.  My Great grandmother wasn’t born from slaves either, because 33 years after the Civil War her parents were not  slaves. Remember, she was born in  1890. The  Civil War was 1861- 1865.

God Bless Everyone. Red Warrior Women are fighting for us and they are fighting  to educate about the truth regarding discrimination.

Thank you for listening to my story,

God Bless.