Stop The Hate - Human Trafficing

January 10, 2023

With January being Human Trafficking Awareness month, I couldn’t think of a better time to discuss the issue and how Nevada ranks concerning it.  Las Vegas has long been known for its “legal” prostitution since legalized in 1975.  Legal prostitution has played a major role in human and sex trafficking throughout Southern  California and Northern Nevada.  The city of Las Vegas has held the number 1 and 2 spot now for over 3 decades.  With children being the most vulnerable. It is more than time to STOP THE HATE and bring our missing and exploited people home.   Native communities are being affected at a 40% rate higher than any other community. Due to the proximity Southern California is a “feeder  community to this dilemma.  Indian Country has its work cut out for it, urban and reservation alike.  In honor of Human Trafficking Awareness Month on Wednesday January 11, 2023 the Department of Justice; District of Nevada issued a press release.  The Justice department vows to bring awareness, education, prosecution and a thorough investigation to all affected by this “thorn in our side”. There is a major investigation brewing now involving several social media sites for seemingly just ignoring the predators lurking on their sites promoting human and sex trafficking with a host of people, but mostly our children.”  YES, our CHILDREN!   According to an article ran in the Las Vegas Sun January 16, 2022 the Director of the Nevada Indian Commission quoted that “You won't find a Paiute, Shoshone or Washoe who doesn’t have a firsthand account of a loved one or close family member who has been murdered or missing.” It’s time to STOP THE HATE. If you see something, say something.  These are our sisters, cousins, mothers, brothers, aunts, and cultural family, being enslaved and bound to a life of misery and pain.  Indian Voices is working diligently with Ethnic Media Services and their extensive network to assist in v this problem.

To report Human Trafficking contact:

Strong Hearts/Native Hotline at 1-844-7NATIVE

LVPMD Human Trafficking Task Force at (702) 828-3111

National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-8888