SDSU Students Earn Academic Credit for Community Work Through ACE Program

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Indian Voices Newspaper
March 23, 2024
San Diego State Students will earn credit for Community Engagement, with the ACE Program, much like these SDSU Botany students learning about sand dune plants from Dr. Mike Simpson, photo by US Fish and Wildlife Service, Wikimedia Commons

Academic Community Engagement (ACE)

At SDSU, Service Learning (SL) and Community Engagement (CE) activities are supported by the Office of Academic Community Engagement (ACE), which is a part of Faculty Advancement and Student Success. ACE provides opportunities for civic engagement and leadership development at SDSU for students, faculty, staff, and community members by supporting high-impact pedagogical practices and active course-based learning in partnership with a range of community organizations. These practices often involve innovations in teaching and learning. SDSU partners with the CSU’s Center for Community Engagement as part of the California Call to Service Initiative. SDSU has been awarded the Carnegie Elective Classification for Community Engagement.

ACE Vision:

The vision of Academic Community Engagement is for faculty and community partners to feel part of a collaborative community of practice utilizing service learning pedagogy, community-based action research, and other forms of community-engaged scholarship to facilitate deep student learning as they explore and address critical societal issues.

ACE Mission:

To cultivate community engagement within and across SDSU’s research and teaching programs while creating accessible engagement opportunities for 75% of SDSU’s students.