Run with the Sun MusicFest

Indian Voices
September 17, 2023

The Run with the Sun MusicFest was a 2-Day music festival with two stages and 23 musical artists. An eclectic blend of punk, alternative, rock, metal, rap, and cultural performances.

As a local San Diego indigenous owned business, Mystical Mountain Music Productions we feel the need to bridge the gap between artist and festival goer. Throwing our Run with the MusicFest is one sure way to make that happen.

San Diego and local indigenous artists sharing the stage with national artists. Bringing together local tribes with the surrounding communities. In an effort to revitalize the connection between music and the people.

A lineup that not only featured local indigenous rap artists that proved to be the lifeblood of the Run with the Sun MusicFest. The lineup that connected festival goers with people that have shared a connection for over 30 years. Friends and family who came out to show support for these artists created an amazing vibe. The energy of these performances created a cohesiveness with festival goers who became family over the 2-day event.

We featured indigenous artists that traveled from Arizona, Oregon, and South Dakota including an indigenous artist that is a co-creator of the festival. Dean Osuna plays in two of the featured bands. The unique lineup had something for everyone with sets of rock, alternative, rap, metal, DJ and new jack swing. Including a Native American comedian that traveled from South Dakota.

Nick Rodriguez of Conjured Alliance Productions in conjunction with Danny Trujillo of PSI Studios played a major role in bringing the rap artists together.

It was the collaboration of community, native owned businesses, and artists that made this first-time festival memorable. The energy was incredible.

In the coming months we will take a more in-depth look at what it took to put on the festival. Including the story behind it.