RES 2024 Event in Las Vegas Covered by Indian Voices Reporter Yvonne Wolf

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March 23, 2024

Speakers Tami Tiger and Danielle Finn, at the RES 2024 Unity Event. All photos by Yvonne Wolf

RES 2024

The Las Vegas business and academic community is awash with the spirit of relationship building and networking. Cooperation and unity are in the air.  The University of Las Vegas is busy preparing for its upcoming powwow, which will bring multitudes together.
The NCAI Enterprise Development Corporation is winding down from its successful and exciting annual conference at Caesars Palace. Indian Voices is grateful to have the services of our reporter and photojournalist Yvonne Wolf, who covered the event. A people person with an affinity to relate with a positive and agreeable nature, Ms. Wolf is a natural communicator and networker. Our Indigenous community will have the benefit of strengthening relationships and positive growth through journalism as our media grows.

Please enjoy the images and observations that Ms. Wolf highlighted as she covered the event.

Registration Volunteer for RES 2024 Conference
Prairie Bighorn- Blount, Exec Director of the AIBL
UNLV Native Student Body Committee with Tami Tiger (far right)
Lieutenant governor Herschel Gorham of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes
Retired Army Keshon Smith of the Native American Women Warriors
Jacob O'Brien, Wayan Owens, Ethan Blount: students at Pine Ridge College in Montana
Carla Roman (r), Licensed Funeral Director, Pals Mortuary, Las Vegas
L-R: Chief Financial Development Officer, Governor Reggie Wassana, Travis Ruiz Arapaho Legislature Second District, Kara Lehman, DEO Director Lucky Star Casino, Brandon Wassana, Film Video Coordinator, Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribe from Oklahoma