Poem - 'My Story'

Anonymous Journalist
November 15, 2022

He was hurt and afraid.
So he took his own life to stop the pain.
I lose another brother everyday.
My sister shot herself.

She did it cause she thought she wasn't good enough

for someone else.
I wish I could of been there.
I wish I could make everything better.
But this is a daily thing that happens.
And I could have been one of them.
My brother got picked on.
He got pushed around and stepped on.
They called him hurtful names.
All because he wasn't the same way.
He felt alive when he tied the rope around his neck.
Because he knew he would’t have to deal with the pain no more.
My sister’s crying right now.
She feels trapped in this world and she wants out
She won't talk to anyone.
And she's done.

I lie awake at night wondering why.
Why people hurt others just to feel good inside.
I wonder how they feel now that they died.
Every three seconds, I lose another brother.
Every five seconds I lose other sister.
My sister has cuts all over her arm.
She had a big heart.
They called her ugly.
They called her a freak.
She jumped in front of car on a busy street
Every year it's the same.
Every minute there's a pain.
Every hour there's another grave.
These people didn't deserve to die.
They felt like no one was there by their side.

They cried.
These words need to stop .
The hate needs to stop.
The pain needs to stop.
The prejudice need to stop.
This world feels like a cemetery.
And there's a spot waiting for me.
But I'm not ready.

They weren't ready neither and what happened?
They couldn't take it any more and ended it.
They got hate when they needed love.
Why am I not good enough?
I'm perfect the way that I am. I'm sick of this and I'm taking a stand.

That’s a lot of lives lost, but there's so much more to save,

I'm gonna make a change today.
For my brothers and sisters who died because of words.
And for anyone who feels like dirt
You are not.
You're beautiful.
You're original.
Don't give that up.
Be something those mean people are not.
Be someone who is strong.
I’m by your side now till the day I die.