On the Town with Camille--District Attorney Summer Stephans Presents Citizenx of Courage 2024

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Camille Appling
May 27, 2024

On April 29, 2024, I had the honor to sit with Catholic Diocese Bishops Ramon and Felipe and Mitsuo Tomita of the Japanese American Citizen League to celebrate the Citizens of Courage event presented by San Diego District Attorney Summer Stephans. The luncheon was held in the beautiful Liberty Station Area near the military base. The citizens who were honored survived heinous events that should have never taken place. Their triumph over tragedy is both inspiring and riveting. They showed “extraordinary courage in the face of crime.” Please join us in saluting the Citizens of Courage awardees! Cheers for Antonio Jasso, Tiffany Murphy, Natalie Ortiz, Rachel and Sofie Martinez and Melissa Spinelli for choosing to use courage for the protection of others!


 Photo: Cathedral in San Diego, by ClaireMRA, Wikimedia Commons