More 2023 Digital Innovation Awards Winners Announced

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Indian Voices Newspaper
May 27, 2024

This contest recognizes the best in local digital media in 11 categories such as Best Local Website, Best Event, Best Branded Content Strategy and more. It is a highly competitive contest designed to recognize both large and small media companies for their outstanding and innovative work.

We are excited to announce category winners over the next few weeks.

Best R&D Partner - Media companies are asked to nominate an R&D company/industry provider that helped drive new digital revenue and results for their company.

1st place - Broadstreet

Judge’s comments: Broadstreet is solving a crucial need for local publishers in its advertising offerings, and its partners have seen tangible impact in revenue generated and costs saved.

Client nomination: Broadstreet serves all of the direct sell (almost all) banner ads currently on our site. Their easy to use platform not only gives us the immediacy that we need to be competitive, they offer unique banner, video, and social media integrated ad templates for clients who want something unique. Their analytic reports prove the value of our offering in an easy to read and understand format. Clients renew because they know we can respond to their needs immediately AND have the analytics to prove their effectiveness.

2nd place - David Arkin Consulting

Judge’s comments: David Arkin Consulting is driving real results for its clients through its varied expertise on content, design, and sales.

Client nomination: Since we began working with David Arkin Consulting we have nearly tripled our web page views. That has had an impact on our revenue. We are currently implementing new sales strategies which we believe will be a gamechanger for our digital revenue.

3rd place - Second Street

Judge’s comments: Second Street garnered rave reviews from many of its partners championing how easy the platform is to implement, the diversity of its solution, and their hands-on approach to assisting its clients.

Client nomination: Julie at Second Street is one of the best partners we have. She is always very attentive and has solutions at hand. Most solutions come with are venue model that can be deployed by any media organization.

Honorable Mention - Village Media

Judge’s comments: Village Media is working to support small local news organizations by building a collaborative network of publishers while also building tools that help them do business.

Client nomination: Village Media provides us with digital focused teams including: development, creative, content and overall management. Village also provided us with a new CMS for our content. Their expertise as a digital news organization clearly was evident. We have also been included in their monthly Village Townhall meetings, which has proven to be very interesting.


Image:, Wikimedia Commons