Mika Westwolf Update--Come to Next Court Date on April 10, 2024

Kevin A. Thompson
March 30, 2024

Photo: Mika Westwolf (right) and her Mom, Carrissa Heavy Runner

The woman who ran over Mika Josephine Westwolf failed to show up in court to her own hearing in January.

Sunny White was driving drunk when “a vehicle she was driving” struck and killed Ms. Mika Westwolf in March 2023. Ms. White was not charged or arrested until October 2023.

Its not “alleged” that she was driving under the influence, because social services took away Whites's two children, Aryan and Nation, who were in the car with her as passengers.

Authorities took six months to charge Sunny White with the crime of negligent homicide.

Both Ms. White and her attorney failed to appear in court on January 24, 2024. There was a lot of back and forth between White’s attorney and the court about the dates, and so neither the attorney nor the defendant showed up.

The next court date is April 10, 2024, at the Lake County Courthouse in Polson, Montana. Mika’s family is urging all supporter to attend on that date.

For more information, click here Mikamatters.com.

All photos courtesy of Mikamatters.com

Mika and feline friend