Makeda Dread and The World Beat Center are Making a Pilgrimage

Rose Davis
September 1, 2022

by Rose Davis

In furtherance of her lifelong and civic service, particularly devoted to  indigenous women struggling for equality and justice, Makeda continues her incredible campaign that is evolving into a movement.

Anyone who has visited the World Beat Center has experienced the  chronology and depth of her success.

Touring the WBC is an illuminating cultural experience, exuding promise and hope for the human experience. That it is on the land of the Great Kumeyaay  Nation resonates with even greater import.

The upcoming trip to Bracketville is deeply significant to this Spiritual Warrior as it represents an opportunity to reach out to help “My People”.

Makeda’s long history involved with cultural community development has resulted in a large following and organizational apparatus that reaches from an army of loyal volunteers to friends and Change Agents within the city/state bureaucracy and in the Grant community.

Armed with this arsenal of skill and commitment Makeda has her eyes on Bracketville, Texas to network, organize, and plan with her peers. The stories to come are sure to be a roadmap to a more peaceful, cooperative and recognizable America.