Lemon Groves' Good Friday Cross Walk

Camille Appling
April 25, 2024

This year, I participated in the Good Friday Community Cross Walk in Lemon Grove. Several members of the community, including children, showed up to honor the Jesus Christ Memorial with reverence as they replicated his walk. The event consisted of walking to different stations for prayer.

It began at Treganza Park and included a “1 mile route stopping at 7 places.” At Treganza Park, Pastor Bryan Scott of Community Engage Church gave his invocation (Luke 23:34) to protect the LG churches. The next stop was the sheriff’s department and city hall, where Pastor Mike Pasqual of the Lemon Grove Foursquare Church prayed vehemently for the safety of the community and its government officials and financing (Luke 23:43).

We then walked to Mario’s Clothing Center, where Pastor Laverne Mitchell spoke on behalf of the “disabled, addicted, underserved and unsheltered” for the House of Hope Church in a moving testimony for community advocacy (John 19:26-27). Next, we walked to the Union Bank Parking Lot, where North Park Apostolic Minister Billie Simmon gave a brief sermon in support of “LG families and schools” (Mat.27:46, Mk.15:34).

Pastor Mark Stapleton of the Cornerstone Community Church followed with his prayers over LG businesses for success and covering. I was elated that the cross walk covered the Fireman’s Skate Park because I am a skate mom. My son has always skated to church with me, so including the Fireman’s Skate Park was priceless.

At the park, Pastor Michael Jimenez of the Kaleo Christian Church and First Baptist Church of Lemon Grove gave the first invocation over the park and the community (John 19:30) for the first responders (firemen and sheriff), who have tirelessly served Jesus by helping others. The second presentation at the skate park included Pastor Will Warren, who prayed over LG military members, especially “vets and military families, and the wars in Ukraine and Gaza” (Luke 23:47).

The Cross Walk memorializes the sacredness of Jesus and his blessed life. I hope that this inspires others through love for Jesus.