LA County Library Observes Mental Health Awareness Month with Programs Promoting Mental Health

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Indian Voices Newspaper
May 28, 2024

LA County Library Observes Mental Health Awareness Month with Programs Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing

In Partnership with LA County Department of Mental Health, Programs Empower Individuals of

All Ages to Prioritize Mental Health and Build Resilience


Los Angeles County, CA – LA County Library is deeply committed to the mental health and wellbeing of all its neighbors. The Library recognizes May as Mental Health Awareness Month and proudly highlights the Mental Health Promoters Program, which is a transformative initiative created by the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health aimed at reducing mental health stigma in underserved.

“LA County Library has 86 locations that serve as trusted safe spaces for families throughout the County. The Library is a valued partner with the Department of Mental Health in supporting the wellbeing of Los Angeles County residents,” said Dr. Lisa H. Wong, Director of the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health. “Throughout the year, and especially during May, which is Mental Health Awareness Month, we look forward to sharing resources and information through our Mental Health Promoters Program stationed in various libraries across the County.”

“No matter the challenge, LA County Library is here to support our customers,” said Skye Patrick, LA County Library Director. “By providing access to the tools and knowledge needed to prioritize mental health, the Library helps residents build a resilient future. The Mental Health Promoters Program is a key part of this mission, equipping the community with the resources and support they need.”

Throughout May, the Library will host Mental Health Promoters Workshops that cover a wide range of mental health topics, from understanding and managing stress to neurodevelopmental disorders. Workshop participants will gain a deeper understanding of critical issues such as depression, anxiety, grief, addiction, and family violence. Participants will learn how to recognize symptoms, understand treatment options, and build resilience. Workshops also address crucial issues such as child abuse prevention, bullying, and suicide awareness, providing participants with a comprehensive view of mental health challenges. The program also offers specialized workshops for immigrant communities, focusing on the unique challenges they face. These sessions will address the specific needs of immigrants and help them navigate the mental health challenges they may encounter.

In addition, many LA County Library locations are offering their own programs in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, including yoga classes and mindfulness-themed craft activities.

For more information about the Mental Health Promoters Workshops and other library programs, as well as curated booklists and films, please visit the Library’s Mental Health Resources webpage at