Introducing The Mexico Freedom Communities Map

September 2, 2022


I want to share about my latest initiative, the Mexico Freedom Communities Map!

When I was traveling across Mexico for the Mexico Activation Tour I was able to connect with many, many activists and freedom lovers. Some of these folks are in the process of establishing intentional communities and ecovillages. Some of them already have and are looking for members and investors.

I decided I was going to gather all this info and put together a living, digital map of “Freedom Communities” in Mexico. Broadly speaking, this means communities that don’t care about your mask or shot status. Communities that are aiming to build a better world and, in many cases, live outside the system.

The communities vary greatly in location, style, cost, and long term goals, but I believe they will be a great starting point for the many people considering Mexico as their home.

If you want access to the map, sign up at:

P.S. - This map is a perfect addition to the free Mexit Webinar hosted by myself and Miriam Gomez. 

Until Next Time, Remember -

You Are Powerful. You Are Beautiful. You Are Free.

Derrick Broze, Founder, Editor

The Conscious Resistance Network