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December 21, 2023

Photo: Julie La Brake and Bobby Wallace Barona, members of the Great Kumeyaay Nation show support for the Palestinian Peace Activists

by Freedom Loving World Citizens


Call for Peace

Palestinian Peace Activists and Members of The Great Kumeyaay Nation Unite

by Freedom Loving World Citizens

Palestinian Peace Activists and members of the Great Kumeyaay Nation formed an alliance. They joined together to “call for Freedom Through Movement.” A group of Palestinian Dabke dancers and Yuman bird singers joined together in a call for a cease fire during the event.

Starting at noon in the northern end of La Jolla Shores Park, the event sought to raise funds for the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund, an American nonprofit providing free medical care to injured and ill children in Palestine. There was dancing and live music throughout the day, and attendees contributed to a memorial art banner for those who have been killed in the weeks since Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel on Oct. 7.

Through Steps Across Borders: Dabke Unleashed, the organizers seek to show support between Indigenous Tribes and the Palestinian community by performing Yuman bird songs, Dabke and Native American powwow-style dances. Dabke signifies hope, struggles, and history of the Palestinian people, making it one of the most important cultural forms of art in their culture.

The responsive and supportive audience offered encouragement through applause, singing and drumming. Empathy and concern from the large crowd made up of families and community groups was palpable. Organizers encouraged everyone to keep the positive energy and information flowing, using social media, while avoiding the legacy media due to a noticeable lack of support and follow through.

As the ocean tide ebbs from the La Jolla shores and navigates through the vastness of the ocean’s galaxy, may the drum beat of peace find its way to the Red Sea and to the hearts of all humanity enduring human suffering.

“We should all, as human beings, share solidarity towards one another regardless of what is happening for any of us,” said Robert Wallace, Kumeyaay organizer.