Help Us Build Strong Sustainable Villages Across California

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Indian Voices Newspaper
January 27, 2024

"Age Better" is the goal for people to age in communities that sustain them well

 Our coalition of 45 villages reach over 10,000+multi-generational members, volunteers, and caregivers–helping to address the growing crises of loneliness, housing instability, and unaffordable and inaccessible social care for older adults in California.

As we look ahead to 2024, there is still more to do, especially around building sustainability into our villages. We will be launching a new accelerator program that will help our 45 existing villages become even stronger and realize their potential impact on their members and in their communities.

To fully launch this program, we are asking for your support before year-end. You can donate easily online!

      Give at

Your donation of $50 or more will go directly towards the launch of the village accelerator program to strengthen and sustain our statewide network of villages.

Please help us to promote innovation and sustainability across our villages so that we are able to serve the rapidly growing number of aging residents–which will account for one-quarter of the state’s population in the next decade.

Together we can make so much more progress than we can ever achieve alone.