Foster Care Month 2024: Wear Blue Day

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Camille Appling
May 27, 2024

Photo: President of People’s Association of Justice Advocates for Shane Harris (seated)

May is National Foster Care Month, and the People’s Association of Justice Advocates came to address the vital issues concerning foster children. After a tumultuous upbringing in foster care, president and attorney Shane Harris has risen, like a phoenix, to defend foster children nationwide. A huge part of his work has been dedicated to the safety and promotion of foster children.

Attorney Harris is in good company. This company includes County Supervisor Jim Desmond, Voices for Children CEO Jessica Munoz, Voices for Children Chief Philanthropy Officer Rebecca Rader, Grandparents Networks Shearl Lambert, Patricia Bevelyn of the African American Wellness Center for Children and Families, and former foster child Nikia Sunchild, who shared his harrowing story of surviving being placed in foster care and his glorious reunification with his father.

The subjects that were covered on Wear Blue Day, which were included in the proclamations presented by County Supervisor Jim Desmond and Attorney Shane Harris, were:

Safety and Health for Foster Children, Wrap Around Services including housing, diverse education and job training programs, family reunification, financial assistance and extended care after emancipation or after turning eighteen. They include a guaranteed income program for foster children. The AB2906 program is meant to keep foster children’s benefits and to remove the term “case” to keep children known as children and not cases.

The issues addressed advocate for the rights of children and ensure that they are treated humanely and with care. These programs work under the correct supervision. We hope for support from our communities for the innocent and abused to protect them under Jesus Christ.

If you are interested in supporting these issues, please contact