Fight Fentanyl Abuse Event

Camille Appling
October 12, 2022

One Safe Place in San Marcos hosted a Fight Fentanyl Abuse Event at 1050 Vallecitos Blvd. The event was hosted by District Attorney Summer Stephens who spoke of the dangers or Fentanyl a pain medication that is lethal in as little as two pills and the medical phenomena of opioid overdose prevention drug Narcan. The participants were given a in vivo presentation for Narcan delivery to save people's lives from accidental overdose by Claudia Rempl the IFT Operations Manager of A Global Medical Response Solution. In addition to the presentation we heard three parent accounts of losing their children to Fentanyl. The devastating effects of Fentanyl have devastated many and the community has the right to know how to stop the need for pain relief to that extent. The event also highlighted the students' involvement in creating posters and announcements about Stopping Fentanyl Abuse. When the community works together to fight such a devastating epidemic the working together eliminates past hate with mutual respect and concern for healing. If you or someone you love has been affected by fentanyl please check out this website