Fauster Johnson AKA “FREEZ”By: Clarence Gonzales

Clarence Gonzales/ Lavonne Gonzales(RezconnectEnt & Promotions)
April 7, 2022

World of Cannabis/ Family of Indians

World of Cannabis, had a chance to chat with Mr. Fauster Johnson about his grow project. Fauster, otherwise known as Freez said ” its a secret “. Fauster, did add the brand “Sugary Creek Exotics LLC”, is named after an all black town in Oklahoma. By the name Taft, Oklahoma. A portion of the farm acreage, is built on a black historical site. The plan is to offer tours by jeep or walking tour with an experience of historical information. To offer souvenirs referencing the history of a segregated school that was apart of the African American culture in that particular area.

The grow, itself is the main attraction and will be offering product harvested on the property. Similar to a wine vineyard. Offering hemp and CBD products.

Fauster, currently is a skilled Barber, with clients in Phoenix Arizona and Oklahoma. Cutting, various styles to compliment today's hair fashions. Fauster also, markets hair products that are hemp infused. For sale, to his barbershop clientele.

Fauster, aka "Freez" ventured in the rap industry as well. Marketing his brand " TMH Studios" located in Phoenix, Az. Producing a hand ful of upcoming artist from Arizona and around the Country. "Freez", produced a reality show while working on a past project called " flight 748" hosted by Atlanta, Ga resident "Dj Kutt Throat", of ilovmyplug dj's. I had the chance to work with Fauster on "work week tour". A tour that headlined "Freez" and not only booked venues in the states but in Amsterdam as well. Being, a pioneer from the Arizona hip hop scene is where fauster comes from.

Fauster, is the master of, trades. However, he hosts a show called " Freez tv", on YouTube. Interviewing some of Arizonas hottest rap artists. Inquire, with Fauster "aka Freez" on IG/ Fauster Johnson, on how, to be Interviewed on "freez tv".

Fauster, is a member of the Absentee Shawnee tribe of Oklahoma. We here at World of Cannabis and Indian Voices, celebrate this young man for his achievements and his drive to win. Look out for more from "TMH", on the YouTube channel " Freeztv/ Radio".