Divine Spirit

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Indian Voices Newspaper
January 29, 2024

Divine Spirit came about through a unique and spiritual encounter. Fabio Magnelli, the founder of Divine Spirit, had a dream about a woman with long black hair. He felt that this woman was special and that he would meet her someday. Ruby Ruscilli, a psychic medium and healer, walked into his life while he was promoting a product. He took her to lunch, and she offered to do a reading for him.

She told him about a dream she’d had. She had been wanting to do a ceremony, but it had to be done by the right person and not by looking it up online. She said that, in the next one or two months, she would meet this person, and he would be Native American. This person would have abilities, and they were supposed to help others with their gifts. Magnelli told her about his dream as well. They were both amazed by this realization.  

A few weeks had passed, and they met at a coffee shop. They were brainstorming different ideas of what they would like to do, such as healing events using sound bowls or different musical instruments. Getting people together at events so they could feel that they were supported. Finally Fabio came up with the idea for a nonprofit. Ruby loved the idea.

A few days went by, and Ruby said, “Divine Spirit.” Magnelli liked that name. He got to work quickly to set up a page on Facebook and to work with as many people as he could to see who would help or be part of it. Then he applied for the necessary paperwork. Fabio says Divine Spirit is a spiritualist organization that teaches spirituality and healing through sound bowls, meditation, music and vibrations and creates a support group for the people when they want to join a community of hope.