Climate Science Alliance’s Tribal Working Group launches small grants program

Indian Voices
May 16, 2023

The Climate Science Alliance Tribal Working Group is excited to announce the launch of its
small grant program! The goal of this program is to support Tribal Working Group member’s
professional, cultural, community based, and educational efforts in a respectful and equitable
manner. Funded projects focus on advancing Indigenous climate resilience, adaptation, and/ or
environmental health for the collective community. These small grant funds support existing
projects, help seed fund new efforts, and help disseminate the work being achieved in a joint
effort to safeguard natural and human communities in the face of a changing climate. This
program is administered via our Tribal Working Group.
Founded in 2015, the Climate Science Alliance (Alliance) is a community-facing organization
based on Kumeyaay lands in San Diego, California that works with over 400 partner
organizations, agencies, and community allies across the United States. The Alliance
established the Tribal Working Group in 2017 and now includes representatives from 20+ Tribal
nations across southern California. The Tribal Working Group convenes monthly and has a
shared vision to leverage education, environmental programs, and traditional knowledges, and a
focus on community priorities, local ecosystems, and holistic management, to collaborate to
safeguard the lands and cultures of southern California Tribes from the impacts of a changing
Tribal Working Group members have access to exclusive benefits such as project collaboration,
technical assistance, capacity building, and information sharing. As we work to build community,
capacity, and resilience for our partners throughout the southwest, the Alliance is excited to
replicate and expand upon this Tribal Working Group model beyond the Southern California
region and into the Great Basin region with our newly established Great Basin Tribal Alliance.
The Great Basin Tribal Alliance is a joint initiative between the Alliance and Tribal Working
Group in partnership with the Desert Research Institute’s Climate Center Group, created to
facilitate Tribally-led climate resilience efforts in the Great Basin region, hosted on Paiute and
Shoshone lands in Reno, Nevada.
The Alliance hopes the recent launch of the small grants program will further support members
who are working on advancing Indigenous climate resilience and adaptation. We invite you to
learn more about the Climate Science Alliance and its programs and projects at and consider joining the Tribal Working Group.