Celebration of Martin Luther King's Legacy with Attorney Shane Harris

Camille Appling
April 25, 2024

Attorney Shane Harris (abpve) spoke at celebration for D. King

April 4, 2024 was a glorious day in San Diego. Attorney Shane Harris presented the community with a stellar exposition in support of the deeply missed Civil Rights advocate Martin Luther King Jr. In honor of the late Dr. King, the lunch hosted the San Diego’s finest. The lunch began with a brief meet and greet with the newly appointed Police Chief Scott Wahl, who discussed relationship-based law enforcement to increase effective communication to promote community safety with Community Leader Brian Goodin and the President of the Black Contractors Association Abdur Rahim Hameed.  

Later we were blessed with a rendition of the national anthem. Next, proclamations and awards were given for Shane’s ethics and determination by Mayor John McCann of Chula Vista. Pastor Eeley gave a brilliant “fear of God” invocation for all in attendance.  Mayor Vasquez of Lemon Grove, a Christian advocate, spoke highly of Shane’s housing solutions, ethics and the plight to remove poverty. She was followed by heiress Cheryl Morrow, a sister and leader in the struggle for justice, who bravely proclaimed Shane as an ethical leader. We were ecstatic at the arrival of District Attorney Summer Stephan, who honored for Dr. Martin Luther King and his accomplishments and championed Shane for striving to reduce painful situations through supportive actions and proactivity.

Mr. Harris has worked tirelessly as an advocate for those in foster care. He has also worked to address crime and inhumanity. He has worked hard to ensure “fair and legal justice.”  Mayor Rebecca Jones of San Marcos and Mayor Ron Morrisson of National City both presented Mr. Harris with proclamations of support. Mr. Harris was also saluted by San Diego Unified School District’s Sharon Whitehurst-Payne and Assemblymember David Alvarez.  Colin Parent of La Mesa, County Assessor Jordan Marks, and the Office of Congressman Mike Levin attended the event with proclamations. The luncheon was filled with encouragement for the future leadership of San Diego. We are very proud of Shane Harris’ accomplishments and look forward to his future service for the homeless and foster youth, along with justice in legal environments as he follows in Martin Luther King’s legacy.