Blacks the Most Targeted in LA County Hate Crimes

November 30, 2023

Hate crimes in Los Angeles County target Black people more than any other group in 2022.

The LA County Commission on Human Relations reported that while Black people are only 9% (nine percent) of all residents, they were 53% of all racial hate crime victims. 

Racial hate crimes stand out as 57% of all hate crimes, which means that Blacks still have the largest share, about 28%, of all hate crime victims. 

Asians come in second as victims of racial hate crimes, with their victimhood rising in 2022 from the previous year. 

Religious hate crimes target Jews overwhelmingly. Eighty-three percent of reported religious hate crimes targeted Jews.

“But we are especially concerned about the huge increase in hate crimes targeting the African American and Jewish Communities,” said Ilan Davidson, LA County Commissioner of Human Relations.

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Source: Marc Sternfield, “L.A. County Minorities Grappling with Surge in Hate Crimes,” KTLA, November 29, 2023.