Barrio Station's 54th Anniversary Banquet Honors Makeda Dread Cheatom and WorldBeat Center

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Indian Voices Newspaper
March 23, 2024

Photo: Makeda Dread Cheatom Honored at Barrio Station in Barrio Logan

San Diego cultural icons were celebrated and recognized Thursday,  March 14, 2024 at an Indigenous Celebration that recognized and paid tribute to champions of San Diego’s original inhabitants.

Among those acknowledged were Professor Armando-Vasquez Ramos, California Mexico Study Center and Makeda Dread, Executive Director WorldBeat Cultural Center, Balboa Park.

The distinguished Honorees received the prestigious “Cesar E. Chavez Humanitarian Award”

The setting for the elegant affair was the Barrio Station Theater, 2175 Newton Ave, San Diego CA. 92113.

The lavish banquet which featured a delectable main course, desserts and beverages was catered by Ranch Events.

The skillful and thoughtful organizing team expressed their appreciation. “It is with deep gratitude that we present two well deserved awards honoring special individuals for their dedication and contribution that promote Social Justice and serve communities in need.”

La Lucha Continua ... The Peace Loving San Diego Community stand in Solidarity with Barrio Logan



Gateway to Barrio Logan Neighborhood, San Diego, by Roman Eugeniusz, Wikimedia Commons