Ask a Native Triton: Profile of an Indigenous Student at UC San Diego

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Indian Voices Newspaper
March 23, 2024
Photo: UC San Diego student Hawk Funmaker

Ask A Native Triton

Each month, we profile one of our amazing Native American students, staff, or faculty at UC San Diego! If you would like to nominate a Native student, staff, or faculty member for us to feature, please email us at

The ITRC is proud to introduce...

Hawk Funmaker

Tribal Affiliation: Ho-Chunk

Year/Major/Minor:1st-Year Transfer Student/Business Economics and Environmental Studies Minor

Hometown: Los Angeles/Highland Park, CA

1.What made you choose UC San Diego?

Visiting the campus helped solidify my choice, and I remember loving the idea of being able to walk to the beach.

2.What advice do you have for potential Native students?

Asa Native student pursuing higher education, it often felt out of reach because, in spaces such as universities, there is a lack of Indigenous representation. The most helpful thing I have found for feeling out of place is to find your community and people who can relate to you, like at the ITRC or by joining a club with people who share your interests.

3.What do you like to do for fun?

I love spending time outside, being present in nature with my dog Bubbles. Every summer, I look forward to going camping with her and my friends in the Sierra Nevada.