About The Long Beach Gray Panthers

Indian Voices
July 14, 2023

Who we are ...

A multi-generational movement of people in Long Beach who believe there is a solution to all the social and economic injustices in our society.

What we believe...

We work in coalitions and collaborations with other organizations on crucial issues affecting the quality of life and oppose discrimination against, and oppression of persons because of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, nationality, class, physical disability or political orientation through education and advocacy. 

What we do...

We provide education and advocacy on Older Adult issues in social and economic justice; a clean sustainable environment; work for the preservation and expansion of social security and Medicare; quality health care for all; decent affordable housing; full employment or adequate income for those unable to work; promote education and activism for world peace by working for the elimination of all means of mass destruction and for a transfer of resources from military to human needs. 

San Diego is looking forward to reestablishing a chapter.