Valley Arts Festival Luiseno Tribe

Camille Appling
August 18, 2021

On November 6, 2021 The Heritage Park of Oceanside, California Welcomed The Valley Arts  Festival: Creative Culture, A Celebration of a Luiseno Tribe,  The San Luis Band of Mission Indians.  The Heritage Park is Located near the San Luis Rey Mission de Francia, known for its Exemplary Leadership under the late Father Antonio Peyri who introduced the Catholic Faith with love, respect, peace for the Native American Culture.

The Celebration included Julia Fister, Executive Director Studio ACE , Mel Vernon, Captain of the San Luis Band of Mission Indians, and The Mayor of Oceanside, Esther Sanchez.  Later Spiritual Storm serenaded the Community with the Native American Flute following Cathleen Chilcate Wallace’s  compelling stories of Native American Life.  The Children and Elders gathered from all over San Diego in honor of the event.

The Festival was filled with Healing  Arts like Basketweaving taught by Diania L. Caudell of the  Luiseno Tribe, additional tables included Rock and Sand Painting,  The Muramid  Art and Cultural Centers  “Paint a Mural”  Handmade Native flutes and the healing of Native Soul food like Fry Bread. Please visit the  and