The Return of the Ancestors

Dawud Hassan
April 19, 2023

Our goal with the Return of the Ancestors Tours is to dispel the stigma of traveling and doing business within the continent of Africa. Black men, women, and children from around the African diaspora should visit Africa, at least, once in their lives. It is so important for self-love to be able to identify with a culture and a land. 

Although Black people have been marginalized in history since arriving in the Americas during the advent of slavery, the Black man and woman have actually been present here long before any slave ship touched the shores. 

The omission of the truth and outright lies combined with over 400 years of torture, trauma, and social programming have left the Black man, woman, and child at a loss.

Our prayer is that, through the Return of the Ancestors Tours, we will be able to realign the Black consciousness of those who attend by sparking cell memory. Science now tells us that DNA can be used to store external information. 

Studies now prove that one drop of DNA can hold enormous amounts of information that can be saved and extracted. Scientists believe we could store all the world’s information in one room if it were encoded onto DNA. The shelf life for information in DNA is hundreds of thousands of years!

This is a phenomenal discovery and speaks to the fact that we are indeed physically connected to our ancestors through the DNA we share. 

Our statement is that visiting the birthplace of humanity is essential for Black men, women, and children in reclaiming our history, which leads to knowledge of self, self-acceptance and self-love. A person who has a handle on all of these things vibrates higher and interacts with the world in better alignment and understanding. People who gain knowledge of themselves are then free, free of stigmas and fears, free to become the best versions of themselves as God intended them to be. 

We believe this is medicine, and we invite the global diaspora to return to Africa with us as we invoke our ancestors, purposefully knowing that they are here with us and guiding us to the right path of peace and understanding.

While we are in Nigeria, we will hold several events. Such as:

• A celebration of the 50th anniversary of hip-hop with the Hip-hop Health and Wellness Marathon and Festival

• A panel discussion about health, wellness, and business opportunities on the continent.

• Shopping and cultural tourism

• Visiting royal kings and governors

• Joining the great Oshun festival

• Visiting historical sites and much more!

We are excited to offer this experience and look forward to seeing you all there. 

We pray for the upliftment of all people in creation. We give thanks and send love to the whole human family! 

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