Stop the Hate with Music

Kevin A. Thompson
April 25, 2024

(Variety Arts Center in Los Angeles, future home of Chateau Noir Jazz Conservatory)

“To preserve the art of improvisational music on the highest level,” Don McDaniels is breathing new life into downtown Los Angeles with the Chateau Noir Jazz Conservatory.

The Conservatory will train a new generation of improvisational jazz musicians, with a promise to graduate students debt-free and with a job in the music business.

In that same spirit of debt reduction, Chateau Noir’s future productions will benefit Veterans and others with medical debt, housing issues, suicide prevention and other causes. Founder Don McDaniels plans to hold 150 live streamed concerts per year.

Chateau Noir will offer one- and two-year music programs to train a new generation of musicians the American art form of improvisational jazz.

This institutional support for a Black American art form will ensure its continuation despite current hateful attacks on Black American culture.

The parent organization is the Chateau Noir Art Institute, founded by CEO Don McDaniels. Chateau Noir is a certified non-profit and donations are welcome.

McDaniels also founded Muay Thai in America, a martial art and way of life from Thailand that is gaining ground in the United States.

Check out some music performances at