Stop the Hate

Camille Appling
November 9, 2022

With the Scars and Spiritual Pain of Racism and Bigotry felt by many we often seek for solutions for healing for Social Resolve and Productivity. While there is still suffering, during the storm we can gravitate to anchors of  is quite pleasant to reflect on San Diego’s Welcoming Multicultural Environments that nurture Racial Harmony with Equality and Community STOP THE HATE.  As a native San Diegan I’ve participated in programs like Camp Anytown that aimed to  STOP THE HATE  by sharing personal experiences about race and promote cultural sensitivity. At Camp Anytown we learned of our friend’s personal experience and how to be sensitive to how we treat people and to stand up for ourselves and cohorts against bias and discrimination.

Currently places like the Jacobs Center at Euclid houses a vast Multicultural Environment that really STOPS THE HATE .  The Jacobs center was created in 1995 by Joe and Vi Jacobs the owners and namesake of Jacobs Engineering for “Education to Employment” and “Community Engagement”.  The Jacobs Center houses organizations like RISE San DIEGO, a Diverse Leadership Development Program that coaches future leaders for success in the Non-Profit arena.  RISE is home of the RISE Urban Leadership Fellowship (I’m a Fellow) and the ILIA Awards (Inclusion Leadership in Action). Rise uses its forum to promote racial healing in peace through active engagement. Catholic Charities and Mana de San Diego a Superior Organization of Latinas in Leadership share the Jacobs Center along with Homestart a housing assistance that helped my family program and Multi-Cultural Health Foundation. We are so grateful that the Jacobs Center embodies diversity and progress.  The center encourages respect of diverse cultures and healing after discrimination in the workplace. The organizations work separately and in conjunction with each other to improve society.

The World Beat Center, a Jewel and Wealth house of Culture and Creativity has always supported the San Diego Community with Music, Art and Dance that crossed cultural barriers with Adoration and Distinction. Located near Balboa Park The founder of the World Beat Center Makeda Dread has sponsored Reggae and Hip Hop Concerts, Bob Marley Art  Workshops, Native American Cultural Days and African Food Festivals.  Makeda has always been a proponent of healing through the Arts after racial discrimination .The predominantly African American center is very welcoming to National and International Cultures receptive to our Center. The World Beat Center has never been afraid to address Discrimination and Injustice.  In this day and Age, the Stop the Hate initiative allows solutions to surface to promote racial harmony and respect. The World Beat Center is an Excellent Place to do so.

Located near the World Beat Center is the Centro Cultural de Raza where the finest in Native and Hispanic Culture is displayed with Music, Art and Dance.  Imported Coffee, Books and Clothing fill the giftshop while the meeting area houses Zapatistas Political Events, Poetry Readings, and Posadas. The Latin identity is as diverse as the day is long with fair to light, caramel and dark brown complexions, slanted and big round eyes both light and dark representing everything from lithe to curvy to beautifully big figures from Mexico to Spain, Cuba to Columbia , California, Texas , Florida to New Yourica all displayed and valued. It is here that there has been triumph over hate and discrimination to promote Education, Employment, Healing and Peace.

Another Cultural Base in San Diego is the Athenaeum Music and Art Library, with locations in LA Jolla and Barrio Logan. The Athenaeum in La Jolla often hosts Prominent Jazz, New Age and Folk Musicians and even Acapella Singers.  Musicians like Willie Jones III, Gilbert Castellanos, Ralph Moore and Harvard University’s Acapella Group Harvard Din have showcased their talents at unforgettable performances at the Sea Side Library. La Jolla’s location has showcased fine artwork by various artists from all over the World. The Barrio Location Bread and Salt located near the honored Chicano Park teaches classes on visual arts and highlights Painters, Graffiti Artist, University level and Street Educated musicians. All in support of Stopping the Hate and promoting respect through the Arts through multicultural interactive experiences. 

Blessed with its creation, San Diego’s Precious Legacy Center of Mission Valley is a Religious Center that Stops the Hate through healing.  The founders Dr Morris and Theresa Cerullo have traveled the World performing miracles like making all types of  people walk.  They have ministered all over Italy, Africa, India, Asia and South America and More.  The Legacy Center is a Resort nestled in the Heart of Mission Valley San Diego, hosts an array of conferences and events like Christmas City too .  Last Years, Christmas City featured Reggae Gospel, Oldies and Modern Hymns. Everything at the Center involves multiculturalism healing to Stop the Hate including the World Market an international market onsite, and a legacy of Nations which harmonizes the ministry from all over to increase healing and World Peace.

We salute the International and National  Community  of San Diego for Striving for healing and Peace after Discrimination to Stop the Hate.  Countless individuals from all races have purposely included multiculturalism and tolerance into the fabric of our community so that the people can move into success and a loving community.  Please remember our friends and cohorts day to day that declare with their actions that we matter as Indian Voices, no good deed unseen. We encourage you support the Centers we shared about here at,, ,