San Diego Black Panther Party Leads The Way To Saving American Democracy

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Rose Davis
October 2, 2022

The Creation Story of the Black Panthers is an historic, evolutionary, organic history lesson. Speaking with Henry Wallace, the enduring spokes person and overseer of the organization since its gestation here on the land of the Great Kumeyaay is stepping into a time machine. While discussing the upcoming 55th San Diego Black Panther Anniversary, he speaks of the early development of the organization as if it were yesterday. The struggles surrounding establishing a sustainable infrastructure prior to cell phones, PC’s and other communication gadgets guaranteed that the foundation was built on Indigenous intelligence, wisdom and organic primitivism. These uncomplicated values assured that the spiritual base would endure to stand the test of time and the onslaught of technological innovation.

Fast forward to today. Once again it is time to celebrate the enduring and everlasting influence that the Black Panther Party has played in preserving the character, ethos and continuity of the Civil Rights Movement. This essence is embedded in our collective DNA at a cellular community level. We have a spiritual and unspoken bond with the Ancestors that is more powerful than any nuclear bombs that our adversaries and those who wish to control us threaten us with. We Shall Not Be Moved. The American Democratic experiment endures and an important laboratory is The Black Panther Party. Combined with our connection to the American Indian worldview through the Great Law of Peace it is the truth of who we are and what defines us as Americans. It is this human authenticity  that motivates and inspires  community Activists  and Change Agents such as Makeda Dread and the World Beat Center to struggle with Henry Wallace to work toward the development of an Indigenous Media platform. Henry Wallace maintains this vision with a song in his heart, despite of all the obstacles facing our Indigenous families seeking equity and justice in an emerging world. This struggle is the key to preserving and strengthening our Democracy. This is why we Celebrate and honor the Black Panther Party. Power to the People. LOVE!

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