Project New Village's Hosts Cesar Chavez Day of Service in Mt Hope, San Diego

Camille Appling
April 25, 2024

Photo: Queen Mother Diane Moss Prepares Fish Tacos for Cesar Chavez Day

On Cesar Chavez Day, the Project New Village Community group put together a splendid Day of Service. This included the attendance of their very own Queen Mother Diane Moss, who whipped together a fish taco spread, which included fresh fruits and vegetables from the Mt. Hope Community Garden.

The garden was filled with people learning and developing strategies to improve gardening and food distribution. Ms. Moss was joined by several volunteers, including Kristin from the Fleet Center, who has been helping at the garden since its inception.

The event also had a DJ spinning fun music for countless children and parents to encourage dancing. Volunteer Jason was there helping in the garden but also showing concern for ethical growing and distribution. The event was filled with good-natured vibes and the continuance of Cesar Chavez’s mission for food safety, ethics in employment and care for the community.

Photo by Camille Appling, article author