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Raegan Olvera
September 8, 2022


Meaning, People of the West... 

San Luis Rey Band of Luiseño Indians.

by Raegan Olvera

When I was a child I’d watch the hill with anticipation and wide-eyed wonder. I watched for the first sign of the Indians that would slowly descend the mountain so proud and magestically. 

I would anxiously wait to see them up close but I never could figure out where they went. I would search for them looking all around. I knew they were  somewhere in our fiesta at San Luis Rey Mission. 

As I got older things changed.  I was unaware of responsibility and my families dynamics in growing up etc. 

It all became only a memory.

It’s a shame to have to be recognized by the federal government as a tribe. It seems we have all missed out on our basic necessities and opportunities our traditions and tribal unity. It’s been exhausting and sad watching elder after elder pass on to the Spirit world without first seeing our federal recognition. It’s been very heartbreaking...

So I dance in the Sacred Circle. I dance because I can. I dance in a good way I don’t mix the world’s. I abstain from alcohol and mind altering substances and walk in a good way of wellness and purity, the Native Way. 

I Dance for my Creator God. For my ancestors. For those who can’t dance. For all living things, for the hurting people the addict and alcoholic. I dance for all that is good. 

I was distracted in life. I got into alcohol and drugs, the ways of the world’s culture of self will and pleasure. I lost my derection in life...

At a Powwow in San Diego, many years ago, I seen the Indians in grand entry and was taken back to my youth. 

I remember and will never forget the drum calling me strong. I was sober and ready. As plain as day, at that instant, I knew I’d become a dancer. 

I would join in the line and dance for the people for my tribe. 

I finally found those Indians from long ago when I was a child. I follow them now wherever they go and till this day I don’t lose sight of them. We’re the people. 

I dance in the Sacred Circle strong.

I dance for my Mom.

Blessed into the arena with the right to dance in this way by Uncle Chuck Cadotte. Lakota of Standing Rock Indian Reservation.