On the Town with Camille: Women Peace Makers Fellowship

Camille Appling
December 19, 2023

Photo: Ethnic Hazara Women Students protest after bombing of girls' school in Afghanistan in 2022.

Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice Women Peace Makers Fellowship

The University of San Diego hosted a powerful discussion this month about international women’s empowerment. The event panel was introduced by four-time Emmy Award winner Dr. Gayle Baker, who is an advocate for peace and diaspora studies.

The evening was filled with harrowing stories of adversity and triumph through education. The participants included facilitator Brianna Maubi. The presenters included Sveto Muhammed Ishoq, a clear advocate and TEDx speaker who has revolutionized the social justice arena with her studious work in women’s empowerment through fashion and financial independence.

Sveto, a proud Afghan woman, fights diligently for Muslim women’s rights to education through the use of arts like storytelling and “awareness building” about Afghan women. She pleaded for the audience to not forget Afghanistan.  Kay Soe of Burma has advocated for “peacebuilding and gender equality.” Kay has worked to support victims of rape and human trafficking in the Burmese Region and elsewhere.  Her dedication to humanity has been supported by studies including security research, international women’s studies and peace studies. Her story of commitment is quite admirable.

Lastly powerful businesswoman Shadi Rouh Shahbaz of Iran discussed important business and humanity efforts for Iran and International Friends. Shadi, who speaks five languages, pleaded for the safety of the Kurdish people who have encountered senseless crimes against humanity.  The crimes against humanity cannot be accepted here in the United States or with our friends abroad.  Stopping the hate of violence is key to supporting all of our humanity.                                                                          STOP THE HATE