Modern Day Zapatistas

Veronica Wood
March 21, 2022

January 29, 2022 exploded with History and Culture at the Centro Cultural de la Raza. Live performances by emcees Elian Jimenez and Moises Reynoso highlighted the struggles of the Modern Day Zapatistas with Soul and Artfulness. Their performances included Traditional Latin Jazz, Native American Spoken Word and Hip Hop to raise Social Consciousness against Sex Slavery, Exploitation and Discrimination. This multicultural event showcased the Passion of the Community for Safety for Youth and Elders alike to be free of violence and degradation. Several community members participated in powerful Native Story Telling including Native Songstress Esmeralda who also offered Sage and incense at her table. Other participants include the Party for Socialism and Liberalism (PSL) members Dana Walker and Anzy who were there to share their political desire for Human Rights and Dignity. The evening was filled with motivation to learn about the Zapatista, Information about Political involvement and Cultural Interconnectedness if you are interested in future events at the Centro Cultural de la Raza check them out at Centro Cultural de la Raza ( and The Party for Socialism and Liberation at PSL – Party for Socialism and Liberation (