Mika Westwolf's Alleged Killer Arrested After Long Delay

Kevin A. Thompson
October 27, 2023

Photo:  Mika Westwolf, from Mikamatters.com

Moht-ta-pai-yissapii, “Everybody Looks At Her,” is her Native American name.

She is also known as Mika Westwolf, and the alleged white supremacist who ran her over in March 2023 has finally been arrested in her death. 

That person is Sunny White, whose children are named Aryan and Nation, who was driving intoxicated on March 31, 2023, when she ran over Ms. Westwolf. When Montana police arrested her, Sunny had methamphetamines and fentanyl in her SUV. Sunny told the police she had not taken any drugs for at least a week before the accident. 

The police did not arrest her then, but child protective  took her children because she had them in the car when she was driving under the influence. Not until October 20, 2023 was Sunny arrested, charged with vehicular homicide, and released on a $200,000 bond.

 But enough about her for now.

Mika Westwolf’s family and their supporters had to raise money and  their voices to the Montana state government to get charges pressed against Mika’s killer. It took seven months to get results. 

The family’s own website, Mikamatters.com, admits that the arrest of Mika’s alleged killer is only the beginning of a quest for justice.  There’s no guarantee the Montana jury pool will convict Sunny White, or if convicted; the judge will give her a serious prison sentence and thus send a message that taking Mika’s life was actually a crime.

It’s sad that Mika Westwolf, Everybody Looks at Her, won’t get to be seen and remembered for more accomplishments of her life, instead of how it ended. 

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