Indigenous Culture Warriors

Makeda Ori Cheatom
March 21, 2022

Indigenous Culture Warriors

by Makeda Ori Cheatom

Using Music, Art, Dance and Culture As a Weapon

Change is a constant movement in life. As we go through life we learn that the earth is based on impermanence.

This truth can be seen through the cycle of nature. So why do we hold on to things that are transitory? Things that are important to us today may not be so important in ten years or tomorrow. This knowledge is one of the greatest wisdom in life. Living in the present moment, not in the past and not in the future, but right here and now. Fear, anger, desire, and greed are the key reasons that prevent us from being present and knowing that we are right here and now. Even when it seems like we don't. It's all how we view and face the obstacles in life. No matter what race, we still have these human conditions. That’s why the spiritual essence is important to be tapped in, especially in this present moment and frequency.

Art, music, food, dance and culture is our key to continuation in life handed down from our ancestors to us for our children’s children. Remember we are the griots, the keepers of Mother Earth's knowledge. We play music without knowing how to write or read music. This sacred art has been handed down by our ancestors throughout the ages. The sacred key of life that has been handed down through the frequency of our songs, textiles, beadwork, pottery. We can see it in Ghanaian adinkra symbols, the whole Kemetic culture, Olmec heads and many more ancient treasures that have been stolen or destroyed.

In the age of technology, our children have learned about the unjust and brutal lies of his-story and not our-true-story as well as the incredible ways of knowing from our brilliant ancestors. We must continue to rise, nothing can stop us melanated people. We were built with resilience.

The honorable Marcus Garvey said, “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots”.

Beloved family, spend more time outdoors, as our parents and our ancestors did. Go to the ocean to mother Yemonja.

Go to the mountains and sit by a river or waterfall and commune with Oshun. Breathe in fresh air and walk on earth and continue to heal yourself. Unless we take care of our precious body, our temple, we won't be able to function to our fullest. Our health is our wealth. Go back to the ways of our ancestors by saving your seeds and growing your food. For longevity, we have to go forward with breathing and exercising, including Egyptian yoga. In these times of confusion, white supremacy, high blood pressure and anxiety, slowing down to meditate is a must. Remember you are what you eat and you become what you think.

Love yourself not in a selfish way, but to heal your body temple. Lastly, always keep this with you: what somebody thinks about you is none of your business. Stay Black until we get back.

Asante, Ase, ase,

Makeda Ori Cheatom