GOP Rep Says GOP Infighting Slows Aid to Israel

Kevin A. Thompson
October 19, 2023

Photo: Mike Lawler (R) of New York, the region once known as Lenape Hoking

         My congressman, Mike Lawler, appeared on Fox news this morning (October 19, 2023), unhappy with how the House of Representatives does not have a Speaker, leaving the body paralyzed.  This is due to Republican infighting, which Lawler acknowledged.

Lawler is a Republican himself for portions of Westchester and Putnam Counties, just north of New York City. He regularly touts his ability to work across the aisle with the Democrats, and actually get things done.

On Fox, Lawler was adamant about the Republicans getting back to “governing,” even shutting down Fox host Brian Kilmeade when Kilmeade suggested this infighting might be justified.

Lawler said that governing means getting things done, such as providing aid to Ukraine and Israel as the war in those countries heats up, among other issues.

These are hot-button topics in New York State, which has both the highest Ukrainian and Jewish populations in the United States.  There are also several hundred thousand Muslims in this region.  

Lawler visited Israel earlier this year and undoubtedly he is not seeking to alienate Muslims in his district. In New York City itself, pro-Israel groups and pro-Palestinian groups have demonstrated and counter-demonstrated each other in the streets and on university campuses.

The New York City region, or Lenape Hoking in our Indigenous tongues, has long been a home for religious tolerance. Until the October 7 anti-Jewish attacks by Hamas, Jews/Israelis and Muslim/Palestinians were getting along here in Lenape Hoking. Or seemed to be.

Perhaps Mike Lawler’s skills at reaching across the political aisle in Congress will help him and others reach across the religious aisle also.  

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