ESTEVAN ORIOL- The Business Life of a Picture Perfect Chicano

Clarence Gonzales/ Lavonne Gonzales(RezconnectEnt & Promotions)
August 6, 2023


Family of Indians/ Family of Indigenous (Baj"đi:yev'ya)


Estevan Oriol- The creator of "LA Originals". A documentary of Chicano  lifestyle, in Los Angeles, Ca. The business of a picture perfect chicano. In many ways you can say this, for his talent. In those days life could be gone in- one breath. To survive you had to be a warrior. Of course, being a hip hop club bouncer you had to have "los conjones". Then being a hip hop tour manager you had to have passion for the music and the passion to travel.

Estevan, is of Mexican and Italian descent. Known for his "distinct gritty 35mm", black and white photographs. Oriol, became manager of "House of Pain" and with that assignment, his love for photography was his focus."While traveling the world with an influential nudge and old  camera from his father, renowned photographer Eriberto Oriol". Photographing, Kim Kardashian, Dr. DRE, Dennis Hopper, AL Pacino, Robert Dinero, Not to mention the "64 hopping", photography. "Estevan's photography has been featured in Complex, FHM, Juxtapoz, GQ, Vibe, Rolling Stone and other publications".

Estevan, eventually, executed the talent of video shoots, becoming a well known producer/ director. Cooperating with names such as; long time friend   (Artist) Mister Cartoon, the "Lowrider Movie", Blink 182, Travis Barker, Everlast, Cypress Hill and Paul Wall.

Estevan's work with the "Chicano, Lowrding and Los Angeles gang culture", was the chronicles he invested his time in to. Other Projects include "publishing 5 photography", books of his work, A Short documentary with Nike Cortez on the chicano culture in Los Angeles “if the shoe fits”, Netflix documentary " LA Originals". A film produced and directed by Estevan Oriol,  about his life and long time friend, Mister Cartoon's journey through life, and "2 years later directed and produced a documentary on, friends Cypress Hill - Insane in the Brain".  Estevan and Cartoon became partners of Soul Assassins studios. Estevan was tour manager  of "Cypress Hill". Back in the 90's when rap was about smoking weed, wearing dickies or Ben Davis with Nike Cortez and plain tee shirts.

"Estevan Oriol  is an internationally celebrated professional photographer, director  and urban lifestyle entrepreneur".

The Chichimeca came from regions north of Mexico, and Northern Mexico. Being a descendent of the Chichimeca people by way of Estevan's, grandmother. "The Chichimeca were hunter- gathering people". Also known as barbaric, and semi- nomadic people.

As a people from the Americas, we are of Native bloodlines and Hay:gu ba:j. With that mix we get Hay:gu đa: han. Ame- means mountain (Mountain People) and the rican is Spanish. The mix of our native bloodline and the spanish.  

Today, rap music promotes a lifestyle of business and cannabis. Depending on what artist sparks your interest. It's a different world,  a world of despair. A world that yearns for guidance and structure. One step at a time, one day, we will get there- as one (Siđđim).