Envisioning Crazy Horse's Prophesy Coming True

Veronica Wood
December 25, 2021

Society is in an epidemic, pandemic, and overall concerning and dangerous time, with the virus, wacky politicians blocking legislation, and the basic needs of the people (food, housing, income, and health care, among others) being unmet.

What is the outcome of this worldwide situation impacting all the people? Who can tell us what will happen?

Take heed Native America, and humanity – a loving, and spiritual Grandpa already done told us.

The great Lakota Chief Crazy Horse prophesized -

“I see a time of seven generations when all the colors of mankind will gather under the sacred Tree of Life and the whole Earth will become one circle again.”

This prophesy came from Creator to Crazy Horse and will in fact come true. Many people say we are now in the seventh generation today. I envision Grandpa receiving the prophesy from Creator in a respectful Lakota spiritual way. A quiet time. A powerful silent spiritual moment. The greatest power in the universe messaging. The chosen one receiving the message - A respected and caring Lakota elder, leader, warrior, chief and medicine man filled with indigenous wisdom, love and pride for the people.

Grandpa meditating, praying, using song, ceremony, eagle feathers, cedar, water, fire, and language to connect with and respect Creator as he opens his heart and mind to receive the prophesy. The sacred fire crackling and popping, the sweet smell of cedar in the air. Mother Earth, Father Sun, the animal world, and plant world listening in as the prophesy is conveyed. Tears of joy running down Grandpa’s face as he realizes the beautiful timeless message and prophesy Creator shared with him in the Lakota language, to then share with the people.

There was no religious bias, judgement or colonialist influence, just a straight pure spiritual connection between the Chief and Creator. With all my respect and love to this blessed time and our Grandpa, I prayerfully envision how an Indigenous world will look after Crazy Horse’s prophesy comes true.

Envision the Tree of Life and One Circle to include  –

1. A genuine compassionate and caring society among all ethnicities based on love and respect

2. Formal recognition by all governmental institutions that every United States – Indian Nation treaty is valid and in force, including reparations

3. Recognition by all that America is Native American land, and that real universal healing starts with this factual recognition and realization under the sacred Tree of Life

4. Development and implementation of indigenous designed community-based trauma informed schools, communities, Tribes and coalitions that combine applicable science, tribal culture, the Warrior Spirit and Indigenous Wisdom in all institutions to heal the people

5. History being shared and taught to all based on real truth, not one settler colonialist biased perspective

6. All native people knowing and speaking their tribal language with pride and dignity

7.  All sacred native ceremonies, songs, and prayers being revitalized, honored and implemented in every unique tribal setting

8. Mother Earth being truly protected from climate change universally by all colors of mankind

9. A true native holistic health care system that is designed by native minds for native people, which formally recognizes and incorporates medicine men/women and each tribe’s unique and powerful culture as an integral part of health and healing

10. A true native defined school system and curriculum that teaches our dear children practical definitive tools to combat trauma, such as developing their self-love, care and identity,  instead of them reacting to trauma without tools when they grow older

11. A true basic tribal infrastructure built and in place for the people – paved roads, electricity lines, water lines, transportation, health care – and which targets tribal members and all ethnicities most in need

12. True bonding and love among individuals, families, communities, tribes, and all ethnicities under the sacred Tree of Life

13. Creator inspired individual, family, tribal, ethnic and humanitarian cooperation and compassion among all people under the sacred Tree of Life and Circle.

14. The Warrior Spirit, Indigenous wisdom, tribal values and culture, and Creator individually and collectively guiding the growth of the sacred Tree of Life and Circle forevermore

15. Other great ideas and realities you would like to see come true

During these times one may become doubtful of what the future holds. As an Indigenous person, no matter what Tribe(s) you are from, don’t question whether Crazy Horse’s prophesy will come true. Without a doubt, it surely will. Accept, honor, and apply the prophesy in a positive way in your life. Why? Because the prophesy lovingly came directly from Creator. In reality, Crazy Horse, the great Lakota spiritual Chief, was Creator’s chosen messenger to humanity, and unlike day-to-day media hype, this prophesy is timeless, true, and filled with Creator’s unconditional love, promise, power and grace to you.

With this acceptance, you as an Indigenous person, now have a road map of what will happen in the future as described by the prophesy. With this acceptance, you now can be aware and mindful to plan for something good in the future for you and your family. “Look to the future with hope and healing” Creator is whispering in your ear. Can you hear him? Yes, you can.

Keep in mind and respect that the implementation of the prophesy is on Creator’s timeframe. Respect the timeframe and realize you, your family, and your tribe are included in the glorious intent, message, and timing of the prophesy. Don’t question God’s plan. Realize it. Take a deep breath, accept it, and absorb it in your heart, mind, and soul. You are under the sacred Tree of Life, within the circle of healing, and included in the colors of mankind.  It is native reality – love, humbleness, hope, healing and power - and it is all yours!

For humanity in general, respectfully, realize Native people have an essence, foundation, and spirituality that has always been present for thousands of years between Creator and the people. These spiritual gifts will come back to all who gather under the sacred Tree of Life.

As Indigenous people we matter. We have something to say, and respectfully, humanity has something to learn from our native ancestors, elders, and people. Just like the prophesy, don’t ignore it, accept it.

Without a doubt, Crazy Horse’s prophesy will come true, and a new loving world will emerge among all people under the sacred Tree of Life. Rather than focusing on a societal epidemic, pandemic, and overall concerning and dangerous times, envision Crazy Horse’s prophesy coming true, accept and honor it,  and apply the power, grace and love of the prophesy to your beautiful daily life, family and tribe.