Anti-Woke Crowd Flunks Business 101

Kevin A. Thompson
May 3, 2023

Photo: Florida State Capital in Tallahasee (Mvskoke for "Old Town") from where the governor seeks to purge Black History and Gay topics from the schools.

The anti-woke crowd simply doesn’t want to see or hear anything about POC. They say “Woke means broke”, supposedly because “no one” will pay to see these substandard superhero movies with women or POC as prominent players. This is a blatant falsehood.  

The Netflix series Bridgerton features an interracial cast in an early 1800s England, with a Black Queen Charlotte and other Black nobles, and with a White woman marrying a Black man, and desiring to have his baby (a true White supremacist nightmare) as the main focus of its first season.

Did Bridgerton fail? Far from it.  The third season has started filming, a spinoff series about Queen Charlotte has also started, and fans (many of them White women) attend Bridgerton Balls in period costume with great enthusiasm. The show’s Black creator, Shonda Rhimes, already produces Grey’s Anatomy, the longest-running prime-time TV drama  ever.  

Clearly, Bridgerton has made millions for its investors. Woke does not mean broke, yet the internet trolls are loath to admit it. For a political wing that supposedly supports capitalism, the Right seems unable to grasp business, or even grade-school math.

This level of stupidity rises to even the highest levels of the anti-woke movement. Florida governor, and presidential hopeful, Ron De Santis is out to punish the Disney company for standing up to his anti-gay laws. De Santis threatens to build prisons next-door to Walt Disney World and ruin the happy vibe of their profitable vacation destination. Imagine, tourists on a shuttle bus to the Magic Kingdom passing a chain gang with an armed shotgun-wielding guard escorting them.

In response the Republican-controlled legislature of North Carolina has invited Disney to relocate to their state, where the political climate is friendlier.  The conservative Heritage Foundation gave De Santis a cool reception, and even former President Trump has said De Santis is bad for business.

De Santis seems unable to realize that Florida’s main industry is tourism and recreation. Its about fun, not fundamentalism. But he is trying to create a fundamentalist White nationalist bastion in a state that is almost half non-White, and hosts millions of non-White tourists every year. Run Mickey Mouse out of Florida? It’s like banning alcohol in Las Vegas and expecting to still make money.  And De Santis is in the party that prides itself on being the party of business?

I could go on about how the Florida legislature made it easier to execute people, by no longer requiring unanimous jury verdicts; how De Santis jailed (mostly) Black people for trying to vote in 2022, and how he  has fired local school superintendents who disagreed with his banning the teaching of racial equality. 

 Anti-woke is already morally bankrupt, now De Santis aims to bankrupt the state of Florida. 

            No, woke ain’t broke. Anti-woke is broke. 


                            STOP THE HATE