A Concept For Peace and Unity And to "Stop The Hate"

Indian Voices Newspaper
January 29, 2024

Who:  Indian Voices Newspaper, UNA San Diego, The Art Miles Mural Project, and Oceanside/North County diverse Non-Profit Organizations/communities of opportunity

What:  Grass Roots Community Organizing - A request for collaboration and support to build an Indigenous Community Cultural Peace Park in Oceanside

When:  February/March2024 Initial meeting

Where: Initial Meeting to Organize in a forum format and live and with Zoom at Muramid Arts and Cultural Center to brainstorm thoughts presented below on attached background paper and come together to build a grassroots plan

How:  To be focused and serious about real opportunities and possibilities through cooperation and collaboration as a method to “Stop The Hate”

- Conduct open discussions and brainstorm ideas regarding possible locations

• Invite as many representatives as possible of diverse ethnic groups

• Invite representatives of local Indigenous Tribes

• Invite Mayor Sanchez

• Invite representatives of Barrio Logan/Chicano Park to share

History, experiences, lessons learned

• Invite Leaders of Community Centers, Parks, and Recreation

• Invite leaders and/or members of interested city commissions

• Invite youth and adult representatives of opportunity Neighborhoods

Utilize funding sources to plan and execute ideas:

Grants, Sponsorships, Donations, Fund raising

Donations in Kind/Volunteerism, Create success stories each step of the way (Indian Voices), Utilize KOCT-TV and social media, Create Partnerships with schools and cultural clubs, Include youth leaders as critical organizing members



• Obtain community participation and support

• Build team building and leadership

• Promote education, art, tourism, communication, economic development

• Because it is POSSIBLE if we work together to make it happen!